Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

Close The Wealth Gap: It begins with your mindset!

January 05, 2022 Nicole Season 2 Episode 8
Leveling Up with Nicole Smith
Close The Wealth Gap: It begins with your mindset!
Show Notes

Money can be a source of stress, fear, and limitation. Or it can be a beautiful tool to solve problems, create positive financial health, live generously, and change the world.

How you think about money determines the role it plays in your life.

There are no resolutions here my friends! Special guest Erica Hill talks, Money, Mindset and Strategy for this new year.

Resolutions fade. Goals fizzle by February. This is a where mindset and strategy come together to create  solid systems and habits that will last all year and years to come.

This podcast episode helps dispel some limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching that ideal state of living.

While Erica will help a variety of people, her focus on women specifically is unique in that women makeup $20 Trillion of the current economy - THAT IS POWER! She helps you see your power with money. We also discuss the importance of having a wealthy mindset or abundance mindset as well as sharing that it is never too late to get your finances in order.

"Wherever the mind is set, the actions are going to follow. " So let's get started.

SPECIAL OFFER: For the month of January, Erica is offering a FREE 20-minute consultation call. Tell her you heard us chatting on Leveling Up with Nicole Smith and get started on your financial health and wealth!

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