Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

It Is Not Just A Paycheck!

December 08, 2021 Nicole
Leveling Up with Nicole Smith
It Is Not Just A Paycheck!
Show Notes

That Payroll Guy! No...really, that is our guest for this episode. That Payroll Guy, Gerard Hall, CPP, is a payroll professional that helps you, me and many others understand their paycheck. Most importantly, he helps other professionals run their business or organization's payroll following regulations, laws, and with 100% accuracy.

But what makes him and his story interesting is that Gerard is in a predominantly white female industry changing the game! He didn't decide to go into payroll when he attended Virginia Tech. He started in Computer Science because that is the college major he thought would "bring in the money"...many of us do.

Listen to how Gerard has taken something we see every two weeks (your paycheck) and has made it into a topic that can be quite sexy - I mean, getting paid accurately 100% of the time is not a small task for all the payroll professionals out there!

I ask...have you thanked your payroll professionals in your business or organization lately?

Take a listen to Gerard Hall, CPP! He speaks, educates, and consult to help others in the payroll industry!...including YOU!

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