Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

Marriage, Money and My 3 Men!

November 10, 2021 Nicole Season 2 Episode 1
Leveling Up with Nicole Smith
Marriage, Money and My 3 Men!
Show Notes

Season 2, Episode 1 is kicking off by continuing our conversation from last season! We spoke about how to level up in Marriage and Money. This season we have brought the children in the conversation! What lessons have they learned from the parental unit (me and my hubby!) and what misconceptions did they have? They even talk about how the we are more lenient on the youngest son. The oldest is trying to see how he can still get an allowance and how he thinks dad is now more of a sneakerhead.

I think the biggest lesson for them is that money does not grow on that shady tree in our backyard and...Mom handles the wants and Dad tends to the needs.

We are building generational wealth but most importantly teaching our children financial literacy to be able to thrive in this world! Take a listen.

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