Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

Minding Your Business

July 28, 2021 Nicole Season 1 Episode 2
Leveling Up with Nicole Smith
Minding Your Business
Show Notes

This one is good folks! So good, we went past 30 minutes. So, go get your notebook and pen and take notes!

Listen as Nicole speaks with Rachel Noble about "Minding Your Business." Rachel runs multiple businesses, but is not an overnight success. Rachel along with her husband started from humble beginnings 20 years ago and now run several successful businesses. Rachel and I speak about how to not only level up in your business with some business strategies, but level up in your confidence, your mindset, becoming fearless and minding your business (whatever that may be!).  AND sometimes you just have to do it scared, as long as you DO IT! This podcast is full of lessons and nuggets!

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