Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

Living Limitless by Evaluating Your "Ships"

September 15, 2022 Nicole Season 3 Episode 22
Leveling Up with Nicole Smith
Living Limitless by Evaluating Your "Ships"
Show Notes

As we walk on this journey of living the lifestyle you desire, there are many factors to consider:

1. Your Values
2.Your Goals and the Actionable Steps To Take
3. All your ships: Relationships, Friendships, and Partnerships

Having clarity on all three are important, but #3 can take a toll on you if there is no value add or unhealthy conflict that limits or sabotages the steps taken to live just that...with no limits in your vision to make a significant impact!

Dr. Mary Hemphill, CEO and Founder of Limitless Leader, helps leaders shift from limited sight to limitless vision so they can better serve their company, community, & personal career. Being a limitless leader  will boost your self-confidence, increase your personal & professional impact, & enhance how you show up at work & in the world!

Listen as Dr. Hemphill and Nicole Smith speak on how to live your life limitless to make a significant impact as a leader professionally and personally!

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