Blow Your Mind(set)

Part 1: Emotional Intelligence Within Race, Gender, & Culture

August 18, 2022 Nicole Season 3 Episode 20
Blow Your Mind(set)
Part 1: Emotional Intelligence Within Race, Gender, & Culture
Show Notes

Does Emotional Intelligence differ among race, gender, or culture? Good question!

 Leveling Up With Nicole Smith is BACK! And I am talking all things Emotional Intelligence, well maybe not all things, but for the first TWO episodes, buckle up…here we go!

 Are you using emotional intelligence for survival? This is using EQ for survival within the marginalized and underrepresented people as we are heightened in the area of social awareness…because we are always trying to fit in.

But does it differ among race, gender, and culture? We talk about different examples of this!

But you even know where you first learned about “feelings?” This is Part 1! It is time we talk about this. Your EQ level and learned responses to these feelings can be based on experience, education, and maturity.

Be prepared for Part 2 in 2 weeks where we dig in a little deeper than most emotional intelligence practitioners. Listen, “the godfathers” of emotional intelligence talk good stuff, but it is primarily talked about in regards to productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Let’s talk about emotional intelligence in regards to you leveraging emotional intelligence to survive in your personal life! (It saved mine!)

 My guest, my new friend, my emotional intelligent sister - Farah Harris, a workplace belonging and well-being expert and a licensed psychotherapist with over 12 years of experience joins me to talk about the skillset of emotional intelligence. She is an expert in her field. See her contact information, including social media below!

 Buckle up! Part 1 and Part 2 will drop nuggets for you to apply and execute on TODAY!

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