Leveling Up with Nicole Smith

Growth Mindset and Having the Courage to Show Up and Use It!

June 15, 2022 Nicole Season 3 Episode 17
Leveling Up with Nicole Smith
Growth Mindset and Having the Courage to Show Up and Use It!
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If you know me, you have heard me speak about your mindset! Mindset is everything. But there is one mindset that will take you to new heights - Growth Mindset. 

During this episode, hear me speak about having a growth mindset and that you should always be learning! 

Trust me - there is a lesson in everything if you are paying attention!

Carol Dweck speaks about having a Growth mindset versus a Fixed mindset. It is very clear that having a fixed mindset will cloud your judgments, your decisions, and how you move forward. Having a growth mindset provides such clarity in everything you do.

BUT most importantly - and I chat about this too - is that you have to have COURAGE. Have courage to use your growth mindset to take you to the next level. Have courage to take strategic, calculated risks.

Will it be uncomfortable? Hell Yeah! But with discomfort comes so much change. So, my friends, will you choose courage over comfort? You can't have both!

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Speaker 1:

This is Nicole Smith. And welcome to leveling up with Nicole Smith. I am a coach, a leader, go getter, little sassy CEO, author international speaker, wife, mom, and very intentional. This podcast will motivate guide, inspire and push you to level up professionally and personally, and create the lifestyle you desire a life you want to wake up for. This podcast is honest and may at times have that unpopular opinion. God forbid, but we have to talk about those too, because change comes with discomfort and that is the only way you will level up. Let's dive in

Speaker 2:

Individuals who believe their talents can be developed through hard work and good strategies. And, and that constructive feedback, not criticism, constructive feedback from others have a growth mindset. And when you wanna give feedback, you give it with that same mindset, that growth mindset, that constructive feedback, and you want the person who you're giving feedback to, to thrive. That's not your intention. You need to back away and keep your feedback to yourself. There is a consistent feeling of empowerment, motivation, and a commitment to achieving much more than a fixed mindset. A growth mindset focuses on awareness perspective and action. You see everything as an opportunity. You embrace the failure and overcome judgment growth. As an individual defines the growth of anything you're trying to accomplish. Having a growth mindset helps you on the journey of self awareness, gain different perspective, which helps break the bias and determine how to respond and what action to take Courage. So that's another word we keep hearing is courage. We gotta have courage. What is courage? Courage is showing up. Courage is standing up and speaking your truth. And yes, it will be uncomfortable. There is nothing that has changed in your life. I can guarantee it that wasn't uncomfortable or didn't take courage. When you went for that new position, when you got the new job, when you went out and bought a new car, when you purchased a new house, when your child graduated high school or college, when you went out and just bought something new, did something different, hung around people that you don't normally hang around with. It was uncomfortable, right? It was very uncomfortable, but with it came great change. That's courage. Having courage also means showing up when you can't control the outcome, that's displaying vulnerability. Having courage also means showing up when you can't control the outcome, that's displaying vulnerability. We can't control everything. Sometimes we have to relinquish that control and just let it happen. The way it's supposed to happen. Do understand that you will have to choose courage over comfort because you cannot have both. Even though you try Peter Bergman, who's the author of emotional courage. He states that our feelings, aren't what gets in the way. It's our reluctance to experience them as when you are willing to feel you are willing to act and take risk. That takes courage. Taking calculated risk, takes courage, taking strategic risk, take courage, and that feeling of discomfort that you have. Ooh, feel it lean into that discomfort because there is about to be great change. And with that comes great growth.

Speaker 1:

Thank you for listening and discovering how you can unleash your potential and make an impact. If this little fire in you and you want more subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, you can contact me at all. My social media handles Instagram at the Nicole underscore Smith, Facebook at the Nicole Smith, LinkedIn Nicole F. Smith, as well as my website for JMS creative leadership solutions. JMS creates leaders.com. Listen, if you walked away with one golden nugget, let me know because those are the wins I wanna celebrate with you until next time, lean into your greatness.