Blow Your Mind(set)

Are You Too Humble In Your Show UP?

May 19, 2022 Nicole Season 3 Episode 16
Blow Your Mind(set)
Are You Too Humble In Your Show UP?
Show Notes

*Unpopular opinion loading!!!

Listen as we discuss what being humble means. It has been ingrained in us to "be humble" and if we go by the definition of being humble, it means to not boast of your talents especially if you are not asked. Wait, uh?

WAIT! Are you telling me that I am not supposed to speak on my talents and strengths? This may work for "some", but definitely not for others. This will shrink you! Time to debate! ALERT: Unpopular opinion!

How are you supposed to SHOW UP and SHOW OFF? How are you supposed to own your show up if you are going by a definition of humble  that tells you "to be quiet and not speak upon who you are and what you bring to the table."

Of course, we art not talking about being arrogant. There is a difference. Being humble means you don't consider yourself better than other people. It's an absence of arrogance. Being humble means that you have the perspective to see that you are as valuable as others, that you make mistakes and that the needs of others and the talents of others are as important as your own. I want to be around people as smart or smarter than me...the learning in that circle is amazing!

What does humble mean to you? Question: Are you so humble that you are missing your opportunity to show up...and show off?

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